Frulact arose from the desire of the Commandeur ArmÚnio Pinheiro Miranda, who, with professional experience built up over 20 years, identified the opportunity of this business and conceived this project, involving his two sons. Currently, we have achieved the position of Iberian market leaders in fruit preparations for the food industry.

However, what daily nourishes us is the passion and motivation which make us act and follow all the process of cultivation, growing, crop and preparation of fruits and vegetables, in order to finally transform those nature products in innovating preparations.

Our success is the success of our Customers. We work in tight partnership to continuously look for differentiated processes and products, trying to anticipate market trends; always with the same objective to offer natural, healthy and high quality products to millions of consumers.

We have developed our activity, rooted on our own culture, believing that human resources are the most valuable thing. Frulact is the people who incorporate it and they represent the greater part of our investment.  

We also have a compromise with the environment. We interact with Nature, so we do our utmost to preserve it, choosing environmental managing policies in all our processes.

We select the best from what Nature provides, the best manufacturing processes, the best working teams. Everything to give the best to everyone.

Welcome to Frulact. The natural selection.